Synergy Between Oceanographic Components Creates Amazing Results

Ocean Crews and Researchers use our CTDs and Water Sampling bottles on a routine basis to collect samples and data from the depths of the oceans near the poles. Teams within such organizations monitor the CTD-rosette system as it gets deployed at various depths in the ocean. As the device is lowered, the team closely examines the fluctuations of data on their console that’s being transmitted from the CTD. When they find something of interest, they send a command to the CTD which then triggers the rosette to close one of our Niskin or GOFLO bottles (which are mounted on the CTD-rosette system) in order to secure a sample. The team then document which bottle captured a sample for which corresponding data-point. All this is accomplished through a winch-block-conducting sea cable system which can also be supplied through our company.


Once the rosette’s bottles are filled with water and the corresponding data-points have been recorded, the crews hoist the system back on the ship through an A-Frame which then lowers it onto a platform, preparing the rosette system’s bottles for distribution to the lab located on another area of the ship. The lab itself must remain as sterile and clean as possible at all times to avoid cross contamination which might alter results.

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These pioneers utilize our Water Sampling bottles, rosettes, and accompanying sensors to characterize the water columns around areas of interest pertaining to arctic ocean research. Being that these scientists have years of experience photographing, documenting and examining ocean biomes, they’re devoted to their craft. We’re happy to do everything we can to supply them (and you) with the tools needed to continue any and all scientific adventures.

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