Mini Rosettes

This small light weight, compact Rosette™ Water Sampling System, which is shown with Idronaut Ocean Seven Probe, can be used on a conducting cable, or can be pre-programmed to trip based on time, temperature, pressure or other sensor, without the need for conducting cable. Its small compact size allows operation from a small boat without special handling equipment.

The small volume Rosette™ accepts up to twenty four samplers depending on volume. Sample bottles sizes 30ml, 60ml, 500ml, 1.2L, 1,7L, or 2.51. Teflon coating, or specific sample container materials available on request.

Sampling is regulated by our new logic controlled trigger mechanism. This allows actuation of random samples and logging of each sample when taken. The attachment of the Idronaut Ocean Seven Probe, allows a variety of sensors to be interfaced to meet your specific needs.

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