Plankton Net Assemblies

Plankton Net Assemblies

A complete plankton net assembly consists of the net, mouth ring, cod end assembly and three-point bridle, and may also include a flowmeter and/or a choker band.

Length to Mouth Ratio: Opt between ratios of 3/1 and 5/1. The choice here depends on the mesh size and the intended use. A longer net relative to the mouth diameter is preferable for finer meshes, ensuring efficient water flow and effective sample collection.

Mouth Diameter: Select from a range of diameters (30cm, 50cm, 75cm, and 100cm) to match the scale of your sampling.

Customizable Components: Each assembly can be tailored with additional components like mouth rings, cod end assemblies, three-point bridles, and even flowmeters, offering you the flexibility to build a setup that meets your exact requirements.

Mesh Opening (Microns) Mesh Opening (inches) Open Area (%) Equiv. Silk Size
1000 .0394 58
500 .0197 49
335 .0132 46
202 .0080 47 8
153 .0060 45 10
102 .0040 39 14
64 .0025 30 25
35 .0014 16
20 .0008 16
10 .0004 5
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