Readout, Hydroblock
READOUT,HYDROBLOCK READOUT FOR 4000 SERIES BLOCKS, CABLE OUT METERS, Cable in/out display (Derived from Solid-state hall-effect magnetic sensors from block.) " Cable rate display (Derived by display microprocessor from cable in/out data.) " Wire tension display (when interfaced to a wire tension measurement device) " Cable in warning alarm (User defined) " 4 hour battery only operation " Operates on either 110 or 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz " Water proof housing and connectors " Computer interface capability (RS-232 or USB-serial converter) " Data recording capability " Selectable input capability for different hydro wire diameter sizes. " On board memory back-up " Real time clock " LED digits - legible in full sunlight " Operating range -25 C to +70 C " Max. cable length displayed: 9999 meters. Least significant figure displayed: one meter. " Max. lowering and hauling rate alarm, user defined. " Output 5 VDC " Readout weight: 6 pounds (2.722 kilograms) " Readout Size: 7.5 inch diameter (19.05cm) X 3.5 inch (8.89cm) high including mtg. plate. " Maximum wire payout Rate 175 meters per minute.
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