Ctd 320Plus Woce Self Recording 1500M

The OCEAN SEVEN 320Plus WOCE-CTD multiparameter probe is the result of Idronaut's 25 years experience in the design and manufacturing of high quality fast response CTDs. The OCEAN SEVEN 320Plus CTD well meets the WOCE programme accuracy, precision and resolution specifications. The CTD can be easily equipped with an additional redundant conductivity and temperature (CT) sensor pair without the need for underwater connectors. The CT redundant sensors permit the gathering of extremely precise data With a verifiable data quality. Although the 320Plus WOCE-CTD multiparameter probe does not require pumps, water may be pumped through the whole sensor array if the optional transparent flow cell is installed. Data is output using the standard RS232C interface or the FSK telemetry option available for on-line full ocean depth real-time data transmission. Other interfaces like RS422 and Wireless Bluetooth can be optionally installed.

The OCEAN SEVEN 320Plus WOCE-CTD, because of an innovative 24-bit high-speed CT digitizer circuit, provides 40 Hz sampling rate. Furthermore, the highly precise pressure transducer enhances the pressure sensor accuracy/precision to 0.01 % FU" Scale (FS). The OCEAN SEVEN 320Plus WOCE-CTD multiparameter probe can accommodate up to sixteen 16-bit sensor analogue inputs, which can be added at any time, making this Idronaut probe an investment for the future.

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