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Environmental Monitoring & Research Equipment

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Coring body and weightbase:
The upper part (the coring body) is made from hot-galvanized steel St. 52.3. At the top of the coring body is, by means of 6 pcs M 20 steel bolts, mounted a weight base, also made from hot-galvanized steel St.52.3. The weight base has a capacity of app. 15 pcs of weights made from cast iron. The base can be made specially to a larger number of weights. At the top is mounted a non return flap and a strong rubber packing.

Coring tube
The 5 m long coring tube is a hot-galvanized St.52.3 steel tube, external diam. of 140 mm, internal diameter 130 mm. Inside the coring tube is mounted a thin-walled PVC liner, external diam. 125 mm, internal diam. 120 mm.

Cutting head with orange peel
The hot-galvanized cutting head is made from steel St. 52.3. Inside is mounted an orange peel arrangement (stainless steel AISE 316), allowing the sedimentsample to pass up into the tube, and closes when the coring tube is redrawn form the seabed.

Tube connector
The tube connector is made from hot-galvanized St. 52.3 steel tube, external diam. 152 mm, internal diam. 140 mm.

Base plate
Working at soft bottom an ΓΈ 800 mm perforated base plate, made from hot-galvanized steel St 52.3, can be mounted beneath the coring body in order to prevent it from sinking into the seabed.

Mounting of the equipment
The coring body, the coring tube, the tube connectors and the cutting head are held together with special steel nails to be hammered into the right angled holes.

Weight base
The weight base can be specially made to load up to app. 3.000 kg and the coring tube can be extended up to app. 25 meter.