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Closeout Items *Deeply Discounted Specials*

Environmental Monitoring & Research Equipment

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Closeout Items *Deeply Discounted Specials*

Over the years we've amassed a large collection of items that are no longer used in the manufacture of our products. These parts have been set aside, not because there is anything wrong with them, but because they cannot be used for more advanced bottles, flow-meters and other types of oceanographic equiptment. Our closeout section has a large collection of items that are still very useful if you're in the market for spare plastic parts, electronics, metal parts and much more.

Feel free to browse our selection and contact us if you find anything that might be of interest.


A/D Converter

This is an A/D Converter that you can use on a motherboard of an electrical device.

Part Number: 20-0023

$ 15.00

AD589MH IC,VOLT REF,1.2V,50uA-.5mA

This is an electronic component. AD589MH IC,VOLT REF,1.2V,50uA-.5mA

Part Number: 20-0078

$ 25.00

Air Compressor Hose 300 PSI 10mm

This hose is excellent for cleaning surfaces and work spaces.

Part Number: Compressor Hose 300 PSI

$ 25.00

Analog Devices 2B31J Industrial Control System

IC Function Strain Gauge / RTD Conditioner

Supply Voltage Min 12V
Supply Voltage Max 18V
IC Package Type DIP
No. of Pins 29
Operating Temperature Min -25°C
Operating Temperature Max 85°C
Packaging Each
Brief Features Complete Signal Conditioning Function, Low Drift, Low Noise, Input Protected to 130Vrms
Supply Voltage Range ± 12V to ± 18V
Levering: 1-2 dage

Part Number: 20-0071

$ 15.00


Hurry and purchase our Blue M, gravity oven. We only have one left in stock.

Part Number: OV-12A

$ 275.00

CABLE Assembly MK5 Option

This is a cable assembly.

Part Number: B904000309

$ 95.00

Crosby Sling

This is a Crosby Sling.

Part Number: Sling_Crosby

$ 15.00

DC Converter OWD4812

This item is a DC converter.

Part Number: 3300-151

$ 5.00

DC/DC Converter IPD QWD4815H

This is a converter that can be used on an electronic motherboard.

Part Number: 20-0164

$ 9.95

DC/DC Converter IPD QWS4805H

This is a converter which can be used in the circuit boards of electronic products.

Part Number: 20-0165

$ 12.50

Hall Generator BH 702

Input resistance3.5 ohms
Output resistance3.5 ohms
Magnetic sensitivity0.15 V / AkG min
Max resistive residual voltage100 µV
Max. control current @ 25 C300 mA
Nominal control current200 mA
Operating temperature-55 to 100 ⁰ C

Part Number: BH-702

$ 65.00

HP 80 Series

HP introduced the 80 Series in 1979, beginning with the 85. The 80 Series was developed in Corvallis, Oregon, which at the end of the 1970s had the charter for all HP calculator products. The machines in the 80 Series were the first desktop computers produced in Corvallis. The 80 Series was HP's first truly low-end technical computer range. The 85 cost less than half the price of the 9825. Like the 98X5 computers and their predecessors, the 80 Series employed pluggable ROM modules to add product capability (I/O connections, language enhancements, etc). Subsequent computers from HP would have these enhancements either built-in or handled by software. All 80 Series computers came standard with ROM-based BASIC, and only the 9915 had a cooling fan.

These products (excluding the 9915) were developed and manufactured at HP's Corvallis Division.

Be sure to visit Olivier De Smet's site to try his Series 80 emulators.

John Shadbolt also has a terrific site with useful information on 80 Series computers: 1980s Vintage Computers.

Click here to visit Larry Atherton's HP-85 refurbishment site. Larry completely rebuilds HP-85 computers , replacing the tape drive with a reliable QIC drive.

Part Number: SKU22328

$ 259.00

IAPSO Standard Seawater P121

This is a sealed glass capsule of seawater.

Part Number: CALSW

$ 45.00

Impulse Dummy Plug 16 Pin Male

If you have Impulse cables, you can use this dummy plug.

Part Number: 52-1035

$ 95.00

Inductor Torotel Inc. M50-12, 50MH

Excellent inductor for your inducting needs.

Part Number: 1801907302

$ 23.25

Laser Trimmed Precision IC Op Amp Analog Devices

Laser Trimmed Precision IC Op Amp Analog Device


Part Number: 20-0107

$ 5.00

M-Systems ED1102-D01

Solid State Chip - Disk.

Part Number: ED1102-D01

$ 65.00

March Pumps Series 320

March Centrifugal Magnetic Drive Pumps eliminate the conventional shaft seals found in most pumps. This means that there is no rotating seal to wear and allow the liquid being pumped to leak out.

We have only one of these items left in stock. If you're located in South Florida, you're welcome to pick up the item to save money on shipping.

Part Number: MPS-320

$ 225.00

OHAUS Triple Beam Scale

This is a scale that is used to measure the weight of objects.

This item is in functional condition.

Part Number: M00402

$ 40.00

Oriental Motor 2GK18K Gear Head

This is a motor that can be used for your equiptment.

Part Number: 60-0007

$ 35.00

ORION DC Converter

This is an Orion DC Converter that can be used on an electronic circuit board.

Part Number: ORION-DC Converter

$ 25.00

POWER Supply PA23-040

Input Voltage-Min105.0 V
Input Voltage-Max125.0 V
Load Regulation-Max0.05 %
Number of Functions1
Number of Outputs2.0
Number of Terminals5
Operating Temperature-Min-25.0 Cel

Part Number: 60-0330

$ 10.00

Power Supply, Semiconductor Circuits, PA23-020K2

This item supplies power and plugs into the circuit board of your device.

Part Number: 60-0329

$ 65.00

Seacon Connector AWQ4/24SB0049, 22AWG,6 way pie conn.

Seacon connector for all of your seacon conneting needs.

Part Number: 52-1210

$ 85.00


This is a circuit breaker.


Part Number: 207052035A

$ 9.50

Thermjust Magnetic Stirr Heating Plate 115 VAC-50/60 Hz-885W

This item is in good working condition. Add a vintage piece to your laboratory.
115 VAC-50/60 Hz-885W

Part Number: M00404

$ 65.00


This is a transformer that you can use when building something electronic. RENCO# RL3629 - 2

Part Number: 60-0328

$ 25.00

Valve, Solenoid, 3 way, 155VAC, 116

This is a 3-way solenoid valve.

GV# 9-804-900

Part Number: 8000-087

$ 65.00