What is a CTD Device?

CTD’s (Coductivity Temperature Depth) devices uncover additional details about the seas when you gather water samples.

The OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus CTD multiparameter probe is the evolution of the well-known OCEAN SEVEN 316 probe, more than 1000 units sold all over the world. The Ocean Seven 316Plus is equipped with the well-known full ocean depth, pump-free and long-term stability sensors.

Central to which, is the high accuracy seven-platinum-ring quartz conductivity cell (patented), which can be cleaned in the field without the need for re-calibration. This unique quartz cell employs a large diameter (8 mm) and a short length (46 mm) to guarantee self-flushing and no clogging after long-term deployment even in biologically active waters.

Competitors’ sensors, which present few mm only of cell orifice and very long cell length, are prone to clog even if protected by dangerous and poisonous antifouling devices. The OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus CTD multiparameter probe does not require a pump or any other external device to flush the sensors, which minimizes its power consumption and allows the use in Arctica and Antarctica boreholes.

For added flexibility, the OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus CTD multiparameter probe can be operated in either verbose or non-verbose mode, the latter being especially convenient for system integrations on buoys, ROVs, USVs and AUVs, thus making this probe an ideal choice for both on-line profiling and self-recording moored applications.

Optional data telemetry is available for on-line full ocean depth, real-time data transmission (20Hz sampling rate with REDAS-5 software).

The OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus CTD multiparameter probe can also optionally accommodate up to a maximum of 16 sensor analogue inputs, including 2 digital inputs, which can, if required, be added later.

CTDs can also be mounted on our General Oceanics Rosette systems in place of a bottle or underneath the pylon with the addition of a mount stand extension.

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