pCO2 Monitoring System – Background Information

pCO2 System
pCO2 System

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As a species we are growing increasingly concerned about the concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere. We run tests on the ground, in the air and the sea to keep records of CO2 concentrations and report them back to scientific bodies, government institutions and the media. It’s important to understand the effect we’re having on our world. When it comes to researching the effects of CO2 on our oceans, scientists use what’s called a pCO2 Monitoring System.

Our Reputation

We’ve earned a reputation worldwide for providing the industry standard for pCO2 Monitoring Systems. This system is initially developed because a great interest has been garnered within the scientific community to understand the carbon dioxide system in the oceans of the world. This concentration of CO2 is responsible for taking up about 40% of the CO2 in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.

Composition of the System

The system consists of a shower-head equilibrator, a LI-COR CO2 /H2O IR detector, standard gases and a computer. The equilibrated air in the showerhead flows through the IR detector that determines pCO2 as a function of time along with the location, temperature, salinity and concentration of O2.

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