Comprehensive Lake, River and Watershed Planning and Management

Comprehensive Management Plans

For Lakes, Rivers and Watersheds

Aquatic Plant Management

Invasive Species Control

Monitoring and assessment

Data Collection and Interpretation


  • Stream Gauging - GOES offers stream gauging services including site selection, data collection, calibration and rating curve development, discharge measurements.
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) - We specialize in the installation and maintenance of environmental sensors primarily in the south Florida area.
  • Comprehensive Management Programs - Addressing the entire eco-system; survey and control of aquatic plants, water quality and watershed impacts.
  • Diagnostic / Feasibility Studies - Diagnose and make plans to correct specific lake and watershed problems on a case by case basis.
  • Grant Writing - We can help you get the financial resources you need for your lake, river and watershed management projects.
  • Water Quality Monitoring - Understanding the chemical, physical, and biological parameters of the water and tracking changes over time.
  • Invasive Aquatic Species Control - We offer comprehensive services to control invasive aquatic plants, from detection and monitoring through management and control.
  • Aquatic Plant & Habitat Surveys - Aquatic plant surveys provide the information needed to determine changes in native plant species composition and to detect invasive species.