Horizontal vs Vertically Oriented Bottles

Deciding Which One Works Best for You. Oceanographic scientists and researchers utilize water sampling bottles for a variety of purposes. The most extensive use of water sampling bottles is to determine the chemical and biological makeup of bodies of liquid throughout the planet. Ocean crews collect samples that contain all kinds of scientific information. Depending on what … Continue Reading »

What is a CTD Device?

CTD’s (Conductivity Temperature Depth) devices uncover additional details about the seas when you gather water samples. The OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus CTD multiparameter probe is the evolution of the well-known OCEAN SEVEN 316 probe, more than 1000 units sold all over the world. The Ocean Seven 316Plus is equipped with the well-known full ocean depth, pump-free and … Continue Reading »

pCO2 Monitoring System – Background Information

pCO2 System

Overview As a species we are growing increasingly concerned about the concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere. We run tests on the ground, in the air and the sea to keep records of CO2 concentrations and report them back to scientific bodies, government institutions, and the media. It’s important to understand the effect we’re having … Continue Reading »

Synergy Between Oceanographic Components Creates Amazing Results


Ocean Crews and Researchers use our CTDs and Water Sampling bottles on a routine basis to collect samples and data from the depths of the oceans near the poles. Teams within such organizations monitor the CTD-rosette system as it gets deployed at various depths in the ocean. As the device is lowered, the team closely … Continue Reading »