About Us

GENERAL OCEANICS, INC. was established in Miami, Florida in 1966. From inception, the company's goal has been to design and manufacture the highest quality instrumentation and water sampling products available to the oceanographic community. Aggressive research by our highly competitive staff has resulted in a product line with an outstanding reputation in the field. The GO logo is seen throughout the world and is associated with numerous successful programs conducted by many oceanographic research organizations. Close collaboration with the oceanographic community and attention to detail in design, fabrication and quality control assure researchers of a rugged, efficient, low maintenance product. These same qualities place General Oceanics in high esteem with users and competitors alike.

In January 1992, General Oceanics created the G.O. Environmental Division. The goal of G.O. Environmental is to develop products for the air and water environmental industry. In January 1993, General Oceanics acquired the MK3 CTD and precision laboratory instruments product lines from EG&G Marine Instruments with the goal in mind of complementing the existing Rosette Water Sampling product line.

Diver using Niskin collection bottle

In early 1995, G.O. Environmental introduced the Model 8000 series Air Sampling products, developed in cooperation with the University of Miami, in an effort to address the market needs for a high quality air sampler.

Water Sampling Bottles

General Oceanics' aim is to continue as an innovator, contributing to the advancement of research techniques and to support research programs with the most reliable, efficient equipment possible. In November of 1999 General Oceanics entered into a join project with The International Society for Ocean Monitoring and Research, Inc. (ISOMAR) for the development and manufacturer of the Seakeeper Ocean and Atmospheric Monitoring Module. As of January 2002 fifty plus of these modules have been installed on ocean going yachts and cruise ships around the world. Also, as a result of a follow on funding commitment from the ISOMAR foundation GO has recently been awarded, in conjunction with the University of Miami, a Phase II SBIR contract for the development and commercialization of a (PCO2) carbon dioxide monitor.