310 CTD 75mm POM 2000m Depth

RS232C interface to handle probe communications.

Battery holder for 3x Alkaline AA battery or 1x Lithium AA battery
2-GByte non-volatile data memory.
3 m laboratory cable with 110/240 V AC power supply.
ITERM, Windows probe interfacing software.
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The 28Hz (data rate user selectable) OCEAN SEVEN 310 multiparameter CTD completes the line of high quality and high accuracy OCEAN SEVEN CTDs, fulfilling the demand for a multiparameter CTD with extremely low power consumption that can interface to 14 analogue and two digital sensors. The 05310 can be equipped with the following interfaces: RS232C (200m), RS485 (lKm), Telemetry (lOKm) and Wireless. It is possible to select the proper conductivity range: for salt or fresh water, making this CTD a very advanced tool for sampling sites near shore influenced by fresh water inlets. Acquired data is stored in a 4 GByte solid state memory that can store up to 60 M datg sets. The OS310 is powered by a single 3.6V battery or by three Alkaline AA 1.SV batteries installed in the CTD housing. The OS310P/us is characterized by drift free sensor preamplifier