Field Services

Field Program Consulting

Some of the most important criteria for determining the success of environmental sampling programs lie in making the right decisions about sampling sites, strategy and equipment. G.O. Environmental, through its engineering staff and scientific expertise, can assist in making the right choices for new starts or improve upon the quality of existing programs. 


Data Processing

The Physical Science Division, acquires, analyzes, interprets, and presents data originating from its marine and environmental studies world wide, often with instruments G.O Environmental specifically designs and builds for that purpose. Experience has been accumulated in the following areas: currents (coastal, estuarine, Gulfstream and other high-current environments), circulation and transport modeling, sediment transport, CTD profiles, and water quality measurements. Similarly, expertise in air quality data processing and modeling is also available. The Physical Science Division can assist in translating, processing and analyzing client data.

Field Services, Water

  • Water sampling
  • Water monitoring
  • Nutrient studies
  • Fluorescent Dye Studies

Field Services Air

  • VOC canister sampling
  • Automated onsite GC analysis
  • QA and QC
  • Site operation
  • Equipment sales and lease
  • Site engineering and setup
  • Personnel training
  • Trouble shooting
  • Canister cleaning
  • Stack testing
  • Chemical pollution studies
  • Turn key field operations
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